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Fariba Parsa. PhD. is the founder and CEO of Self Empowerment Academy, SEA, and founder and president of Women’s E-Learning in Leadership, WELL . She is an affiliate faculty member of Women and Gender Studies at George Mason University and worked as Assistant Research Professor.  Dr. Parsa was born and raised in Iran. She has been living in India, Germany and later in Denmark and become a Danish citizen. In Denmark she got her Master’s Degree in political science and her PhD’s in social sciences. She worked with the Danish national and grassroots organizations for human rights and democracy for more than 15 years. She was elected as a board member in a number of organizations in Denmark, such as the Danish National Women Council,  the UN- Association of Denmark, National Committee for UNESCO, Danish Council for European Policy,  and Danish National Council for Human Rights. She contributed to Danish newspapers, national TV and Radio on Iranian Politics, women’s rights and political Islam

Dr. Parsa came to the United States in 2010, when she was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard University, Center for Middle Eastern Studies. In 2012-2013, she was a visiting scholar at the University of Maryland’s Roshan Center for Persian studies and the Department of Women’s Studies, conducting research on Iranian women’s move­ments for gender equality. Since December 2013 she is an affiliated faculty member with George Mason University, at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution and Center for Women and Gender Studies.  In 2015 She started the Women’s E-Learning in Leadership, WELL organization at George Mason University that became a nonprofit  organization in state Virginia.  The mission of WELL is to empower university women to become leaders and make a positive change in their community: It has phrased to Learn, Lead and Create a Better World for yourself and for your community. She supported establishing the Mason WELL- Student Organization  as  a student chapter and led a mentorship program for women students.

In 2019 Dr. Parsa has established the Self Empowerment Academy, SEA. to share her many years experiences to women especially Iranians and or Farsi speaking women, through writing, webinars, and coaching. You learn how you can empower yourself to  build your dream life for yourself, your family,  and make a positive change in your community.

Team Members

Fariba Parsa. PhD

David Kielland-Brandt
Administrative Offficer