What is SEA? 

SEA stands for Self Empowerment Academy. This academy provides life coaching to Iranian women  who are refugees in the USA, Canada Europe or another country want to empower themselves, clarify their new life, and to become the best version of themselves, learn and practice self-awareness, become more confident, and create a successful future for themselves and their family.   

My Story

About Me

Hello, my name is Dr. Fariba Parsa, I am the founder and CEO of Self- Empowerment Academy to empower women and girls. I believe the first step for empowerment is when we have the courage to know ourselves, our values, and be responsible, and committed to win over circumstances. I left Iran and became a refuge in Denmark. I learned Danish and studied at university, got my Master Degree in political science and a PhD in sociology. I was elected to several Danish national organizations as board member worked with human/ women rights, and democracy. I was honored to be accepted as visiting post-doctoral fellow at Harvard university in Cambridge, USA and continued my research about Iran for two years, later I continued at George Mason University in Virginia and worked as assistant research professor. I initiated the nonprofit organization Women’s E-Learning in Leadership, WELL at George Mason University and we have created a WELL-Student Organization, a mentorship program, and organized leadership seminars.

All my life I focused and still focus on learning and grow, empower myself and helping other women to empower themselves to make a positive change in their community.  The Self-Empowerment Academy is a private company collaborate with WELL organization and provide courses on personal growth and leadership skills.  We have developed 7 coaching sessions and a guided book to help women to unleash their power and make a difference in the world.

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Our Academy

Online Course
  1. Introducing and Practicing Mindfulnessand meditation
  2. Discover Your Values
  3. Discover Your Strength & Talent
  4. Clarify Your Vision and Your Goals
  5. Cultivate Self-Compassion
  6. Mastering Your Thoughts/ Self-Talk
  7. Your Personal Strategic Plan of Action

Self Empowerment guided book for the online course

The guided book include chapter for each session, questions and links to more studies

Book: Wise Quotes and Questions

You read less and think more: Only one quota each day and think how it resonate to your life. Here is a link to the book on Amazon:

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My Journey in America

Some people are not kind to themselves. They focus to their mistakes and faults and use their time to criticize and judge themselves. “How to love yourself” is the title of a chapter written by Louise Hay’ book, The Power Is Within You. She has developed step list to begin loving yourself. Here is a summary of the list:

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Every road is sometimes filled with obstactes and defeat but those are just stepping stones to enable you to go a little further. Stay patient. Your way may be hard right now but don’t give up or let go. Hold on, and travel that road to your dream.

( Esther Ouellette)

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“First organize the inner, then organize the outer…. First organize yourself, then organize others.” Zhuge Lian

The Conscious Mind is the Editor, and the Subconscious Mind is the Writer.”

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